Apps to have for a trip

Some applications are very useful when it comes to finding your way abroad or finding a service nearby. Here are the essential applications to have in your phone when you travel.


It’happened to all of us: a canceled or delayed flight, a moment of panic! We have found a unique application for you, which helps you getting refund for a flight delayed by more than 3 hours or a canceled flight, up to $600 per person. A little extra: they take care of all the administration and all the steps to be taken with the airline.


To transfer money internationally. It will cost you 5 times less to go through this application to transfer your money from another country to France rather than going through your bank. And in addition, you will find the money in your account the next day.


The group app to have for a road trip. It allows you to regulate the budget for a trip with several people, everyone adds their expenses during the stay and Tricount takes care of rebalancing the accounts. You don’t have to calculate anything, it does it for you.

Google Translate

Ultimate application for travelers who are not yet bilingual. You can translate into all the languages you want and you even have an e-reader option that allows you, thanks to the camera, to scan a text (eg a restaurant menu) and the translation is done instantly.

Apps to have for a trip

Google map

GPS is essential when traveling, but do not rely too much on applications such as “maps” directly installed on your smartphone, they are rarely updated and you risk getting lost. The same applies to the GPS integrated into cars. A reliable and essential application is Google Map which will guide you without any worries through your journey.


Taken aback, you are looking for accommodation but the hotels are far too expensive, this application lists all the youth hostels in the world. Just indicate where you are going and you’re done.


The application that will allow you to geolocate all the shops and services that are nearby. You will find in this application a whole series of services classified by category that you were looking for: a restaurant, a bar, a beach, a supermarket or even a car park, everything is possible.


Definitely the most reliable and efficient application for communicating on the other side of the world. Visio calls, message, MMS all for free. If you want to give news to your loved ones, this is the most practical application for you.

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