Road trip Western Australia

From : PERTH
Duration : 3 weeks
Back to : BROOME
Best period :  September to November


Welcome to the  Western Australia road, on of the wildest road trips in Australia. Discover the real Australia with its red lands, turquoise waters and widlife during 3 weeks of road trip between Perth and Broome.

Week 1 :

The adventure begins from Perth, you will speed a week traveling the road of the West Coast to sicker the Australian nature… On your way meet the quokkas : those little cute animals who have settled on an island and attract many tourist every year. After 2 days in Perth you will take the road to discover some wonderful national parks, all so impressive, you will cross the gigantic sand dunes and you will admire lakes with extraordinary colors such as the famous pink lake. 

Week 3 :

The last week of this road trip will take you to places even wilder, more amazing, more Australian than you have ever seen. 3 days in the heart of one of the most national parks in the country to chain the most surprising hikes that you did not even know existed. Walk, observe, climb, swim in the heart of one of the most wonderful national park in the country to go on the most indescredible hikes that you wasn’t espected. Walf observe discover the secrets they hide before hitting the road again towards the last spot of the trip : Broome ! Famous for its beaches and amazing sunsets, the best place to finish your trip.

From perth to Broome

Week 2 :

A second week of road trip to enjoy the sea and its turquoise waters, discover the most unique bays in Australia which are home to exceptional marine fauna.  Turquoise beaches, snorkelling spots erywhere. From turquoise waters to red lands in few seconds and dive into the ocean through all the rays, sharks and fish of all kinds. The best spot you will find to recharge your batteries. 

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