Things you must have to go on trip

Going on a road trip is a unique experience, we are talking about a trip and not a vacation. The first thing to think about when talking about a road trip is to travel light!

1 – Utilities

It seems obvious, but this category will bring together everything that will be useful to you during your stay, from the moment you go to the airport to the moment you return home.

Inevitably in this section we will find all your travel documents (paper and digital format): visa, passport, driving license and international license if necessary, copy of your vaccines, insurance, bank cards. All your reservations: activities, accommodation, rentals… A pen and a notebook may seem useless, but believe me, there are many situations where you will need them, if only on the plane to fill out a form before leaving. enter the territory.

2 – Electronique

Quand on part en voyage c’est bien de déconnecter certes, mais on ne peut pas le nier, le numérique facilite vachement la vie surtout en voyage. Alors pensez à prendre le nécessaire : portable, chargeur, batterie externe (très important si vous partez en randonnée à la journée voir plus), adaptateur (je vous conseille un adapter mondial qui fonctionnera pour toutes vos destinations), écouteurs, appareil photo ou gopro pour immortaliser vos plus beaux moments.

3 – Sanitary

Beyond your cosmetics, remember to take a medicine kit with you. You are not sure to find the medicines you know once there, so you might as well take yours directly (in this case, also think about prescriptions!). For toiletries, don’t bother and buy everything on the spot, especially since if you’re leaving for several weeks, you won’t be able to put a large amount of liquid in your bag when you fly. You can also put in your bag a solid soap that you will use for your laundry, economical and practical.

2 – Electronics

When you go on a trip it’s good to disconnect, of course, but we can’t deny it, digital makes life really easy, especially when traveling. So remember to take the necessary: laptop, charger, extra battery (very important if you go hiking for the day or more), adapter (I recommend a global adapter that will work for all your destinations), headphones, camera or gopro to immortalize your most beautiful moments.

4 – Clothes

Clothes when traveling can be washed! Don’t bother with 36 outfits, it’s useless. Take clothes suitable for the weather and your route. If you have planned hikes almost every day, shorts and leggings will be enough, you don’t need to take dresses.

Regardless of the destination, a warm outfit is always imperative, generally it will be the one you will wear on the day of departure, because yes, at the airport it is cold and it will especially save you from cluttering your backpack. So a sweater, a raincoat, jogging, your runners and you’ll be ready.

5 – Accessories

For a road trip, there are essentials to have, especially to protect yourself from the sun: hat or cap necessary. And take two pairs of shoes: a pair of trainers, a pair of tap shoes (1 additional pair of trainers if you leave for more than 2 weeks).

We know what take space in the bag as in the suitcase are the bath towels, so how to save space? Quite simply by investing in microfiber towels: towels that do not take up space and dry quickly, specially designed for travellers, take two, one for toilets and one for activities.

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